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Local Cannabis News

State agents: Erie fish restaurant tied to drug case Jul 2, 2019

Calypso's 'Erie-First' stance welcome Jun 18, 2019

Erie's Calypso starts growing marijuana Jun 15, 2019

5 Charged in attempt smuggling at SCI-Albion Jun 11, 2019

Ohio employers can fire workers who use medical marijuana May 31, 2019

Marijuana legalization goes mainstream with forum in Capital complex May 21, 2019

Millcreek and Erie Police departments announce a major drug bust involving marijuana May 15, 2019

Hopeful sign: Drug deaths drop in Pennsylvania for first time i five years Apr 26, 2019

Erie sees spike in CBD product sales Apr 20, 2019

Public Relations Professionals Give Their Input On Medical Marijuana Industry Apr 4, 2019

Senate bill 350 introduced in hopes to legalize recreational marijuana Mar 19, 2019

Pennsylvania senators release details on marijuana legalization Mar 18, 2019

Topic of Legalizing Marijuana Discussed at Listening Tour Feb 17, 2019

Pa Medical Marijuana Board Discuss Steps For Recreational Marijuana Feb 1, 2019

Fetterman Sparks Stste Pot Dialogue Jan 28, 2019

Erie Pa Medical marijuana facility to open in spring 2019 Dec. 19, 2018

Medical Marijuana Business Growing In Erie Oct 25, 2018

New Marijuana Growing Facility In Erie Oct 19, 2018

Recreational Marijuana Supporters Rally In Harrisburg Jan 23, 2018

Lower Penalties For Cannabis In Erie County Jan 18, 2018

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