Chuck Schumer pushes bill to decriminalizing marijuana at federal level: The Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has introduced a long overdue bill that would decriminalize cannabis at the federal level. At Shumers interview with Vice News, Shumer said that he had seen to many people arrested and put in jail over a small amount of marijuana. If smoking marijuana doesn't hurt anybody else, we should allow people to smoke it and not make it criminal.

According to Matt House, communications director, Senator Shumer unveiled the bill on Friday 4/20, a celebration day for marijuana. Shumer, who was previously hesitant to support legalizing marijuana, said it was a tough issue. We compare it to alcohol, however, alcohol is legal and does a lot of damage.

Schumer said he is a little cautious at the federal level and wants to see the outcome of the states before we can make a decision. But, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has began his crackdown on the marijuana industry angering lawmakers and cannabis growers where it is legal. Schumer changed his mind on the issue and in a recent tweet he said, "people can change."

"Get with the program Jeff Sessions, or the people are going to vote you out!" Quit playing the money game being bought off by big pharmaceutical, alcohol, and tobacco companies and listen to what's good for the cannabis community. "The people have spoken!"


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