Seniors versus politicians on medical marijuana: More and more seniors are turning to medical marijuana than ever before. In fact, there has been over a 300% increase of medical marijuana users age 65 and older. Almost 100% of seniors who have tried medical marijuana have benefited from its use. There is a long list of benefits to the medical patients by using medical marijuana as opposed to addictive opioid medications.

There has been a recent study by the National Institute of Health that involved treating patients with chronic pain and cancer with medical marijuana. After six months with cannabis treatment patients seen a significant reduction in their pain and use in their opioid medications.

So, what is the big problem and who is holding up marijuana reform? Your politicians! Many of these politicians (not all), are being bought off by the alcohol, pharmaceutical, and tobacco companies. In the last election, the wine, beer, and liquor industry contributed over 17 million dollars to candidates to help prevent marijuana legalization. I am sure the pharmaceutical companies spent even more on their political contributions.

Politicians are supposed to have the publics best interest, especially when it involves children and seniors. They should be looking into more of the publics interests, more medical evidence, and how much more safer marijuana is compared to alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs. However, many just continue to turn their heads and be bought off by the anti-marijuana organizations. Let your voice be heard and contact your politicians to see where they stand on marijuana legalization.

Marijuana Legalization At All-Time High CBSN Reports   


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