Pennsylvania proposes to legalize adult cannabis use: Yes, Pa, state representative Jake Wheatley (D), announces a legalization bill for adult marijuana users. Wheatley said its time to discard the ugly stigma of cannabis. Wheatley goes on to say he also wants Pennsylvania to get the same opportunities legalization has generated in other states.

Pennsylvania prosecutors, mayors, and many politicians are making it a top focal point to campaign for drug reform. Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, and Auditor General Eugene DePasquale are all in the race for drug reform, and advocates for cannabis as an alternative to opioids. With cannabis legalization, Pennsylvania could bring in over $580 million in tax revenue according to an economic report released in July 2018 by DePasquale.

Even though Jeff Sessions continues the threat of a federal crackdown on legal cannabis, many marijuana regulators are not worried. If Sessions sticks to the crackdown of illegal trafficking and sales of cannabis and other drugs as he should, he might find state regulators more conforming to his concerns. Stay out of cannabis State legislation Sessions, and keep your eyes on the bad guys.


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