PA medical marijuana program will now include dry leaf and bud: Under the new proposal, patients would be able to buy dry cannabis leaf and bud as an acceptable form of medical marijuana.

The proposal was passed because of the high demand of medical marijuana causing dispensaries to run low on supplies, and in some cases run out all together. Some dispensaries were limited to the amount they could sell to patients so that they could service more customers. Marijuana in bud form would also bring down the price for the patient per gram of product because it goes through less processing.

Not only cost affective, but it offers the whole medical profile of the plant for medicinal purposes. The plant material is only to be sold for vaporization. Dispensaries would not be allowed to sell pre-rolled joints, or deliver dry flower bud in a form that would be combustible out the door.

With dry bud marijuana being approved, it will help reduce the problem of dispensaries keeping up with the overwhelming demand for product and keep it less expensive for their patients.

There are currently two grower-processors providing medical marijuana to nine operating dispensaries, with six more grower-processors and eight more dispensaries to open in the near future.


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