Flower cannabis hits the Pennsylvania state: August has arrived and Pennsylvania medical marijuana dispensaries will start to carry cannabis flower within a few weeks as an alternative to concentrates, pills, and lotions. The flower marijuana program will help keep up with the high demand of cannabis products and give the patient a wider variety of strain choice to help with their medical condition. This should also lower the cost for a patient as opposed to more expensive concentrates.

Not only cost effective, but cannabis flower offers the whole medical profile of the plant for medicinal purposes. But, the plant material is only to be sold for vaporization. Dispensaries would not be allowed to sell pre-rolled joints, or deliver dry flower bud in a form that would be combustible out the door.

Picking your favorite strain will take a little research though. According to Pennsylvania dispensary owners, you won't be able to go to your local dispensary and expect to find a bunch of jars filled with quality cannabis bud like California. Mmmm that awesome smell... It is more likely that you will be shown a beautiful photo of glistening trichomes smothered on top of a multi-colored nug. Yummm!

Again, do your research to see "what bud is good for you." Visit our strains page to see more information on cannabis flower strains and their medicinal uses. You can also google your information, or visit websites like all-bud and leafy.


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