Erie, PA dispensary Rise Erie grand opening: After Green Thumb Industries was approved to grow medical marijuana in Danville, PA., on December 19th, 2017, they are ready to open their first dispensary in Erie, PA. Rise Erie, 2108 west 8th street, is now open for business according to Pete Kadens, chief executive of the Chicago-based GTI LLC, which owns Rise Erie dispensary. Rise Erie opened it's doors at 9:00 am and there were between 15-20 people waiting to get in. They let the people in one patient at a time about every three minutes and everything seemed to run real smoothly. Rise Erie recommends you register online and make an appointment to cut down waiting time.

Green Thumb Industries, a Chicago-based medical cannabis company is operating successfully in five states including Pennsylvania. Their mission is to provide safe and effective medical cannabis with their world class cultivation facilities and customer-first retail dispensaries. Welcome Rise Erie, we've been waiting for you.


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