First medical marijuana dispensaries open in Bethlehem & Butler Pennsylvania: January 2018 for Keystone Canna Remedies in Bethlehem PA., and February 2018 for the Cresco Yeltrah medical dispensary in Butler PA. Dozens of people were greeted at the door by the dispensaries employees. By the end of February, dispensaries are to open in Pittsburgh, Bethlehem, Enola, Sellersville, and Devon PA. Many more dispensaries are expected to open throughout Pennsylvania by spring of 2018.

More than 700 physicians in Pennsylvania are completing the necessary steps to certify patients. Nearly 3,000 patients in Pennsylvania have their medical marijuana card (with more than 17,000 registered to participate in the program), can now find some relief from their medical conditions.

The Pennsylvania medical marijuana advisory board is still in the process of improving the program. They meet this week to discuss letting dispensaries carry flower bud to increase treatment options and lower cost for their patients. "Thank you governor Tom Wolf."


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