Beware of mail order marijuana: Mail order cannabis shops are very common in Canada, but not so much in the United States as of now. The problem is that there are illegal cannabis mail order business popping-up in Canada as well as in the United States. Just recently in Canada, Alberta Law Enforcement charged three men for drug trafficking in connection with being an illegal online supplier of cannabis products.

The website CannabisCanada.Today calls itself a supplier of cannabis products, but when agents seized a variety of cannabis products (dried flower, concentrates, isolate powders, and edibles), they also seized psilocybin mushrooms and over a Kilo of cocaine. Over $600,000 total in product was seized.

In the United States we are seeing some of these illegal cannabis websites starting to appear from the west coast. Many appear to be legit dispensaries who sell mail order within their state, but some websites are popping-up on the web that are not legit, selling consumers any cannabis products they have available by mail order no matter where you live.

They promise to keep all your information private, such as your email and mailing address. However, if any of these illegal websites come under investigation, law enforcement may be able to collect the illicit operations mailing list to track its customers.

Bottom line, be careful where you buy your cannabis products. It's probably safer to buy off the street, than from an illegal mail order website. On the other hand, its just much safer to get certified and buy your product from your local dispensary.    


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